Lingon & dill BBQ Team

Skärblacka - Sverige

We are a team with four members that was founded in 2013 by Emelie Jeppsson and Morgan Lundin. The team has been competing in five Swedish Championships and one European. The fantastic four that are in the team today is Morgan Lundin, Emelie Jeppsson, Tim Ahlgren , Michael Bonta. The team has a passion for good meat and BBQ.

2013 1:st place Dessert, Swedish Championships
2014 1:st place BBQ sauce, Swedish Championships
2015 3:rd place Dessert, Swedish Championships
2016 3:rd Place pork shoulder, Swedish Championships
2016 1:st place Public choice Homeland cooking visual, European Championship, Bremen
2017 1:st Salmon, 1:st Cube roll, 2:nd pork ribs, 3:rd Pork shoulder, Swedish Championships
2017 Swedish Grand Champion in grill & BBQ 2017